Our company, adopting differentiation, innovation and sustainability as a basic criterion    continues its development in construction and development of the energy sector, since    2003

    Our company started construction of sub-installation of state-owned buildings, electrical     works succesfully.
    In following years, the company has performed the joining of experienced manpower     in body and strengthened financial structure.
    Our company  has  committed at  construction  sector  in abroad  and  also entered     the export of material issues.

    Our company came to foreground in the Business center, Housing with modern     technology and Five-stars hotel projects..

    Our company also proved himself as a serious project firm with many projects in     Kazakhstan, Iraq, Russia, besides its serious commitments.

    Many projects and commitment,

  • Airport terminals,
  • Hospitals,
  • Five-stars hotels,
  • Business and Shopping mall,
  • Waste water treatment plants,
  • 154 kV distribution substation,
  • Pvc factories,
  • Mesh steel factories,
  • Furniture factories,
  • Medical Drugs and prosthetic factories and
  • Flats
    were carried out with success.

    The purpose of Geližim Grup Construction & Ind. Trade Inc. is to realize the projects     both domestic and in abroad on turnkey basis including engineering, consultancy,     design, meterial supply, installation and commissioning.
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